Renovation of Heart. A Poem by P. K. Deb

A feeling of reformation inspires me
To clean and embellish my heart
With all the measures of universal beauty
And with a cleanliness -– free of dirt.

Accordingly, a critic is tolerated,
Who sneers his nose at my dirt and me
Which my greed blissfully collected,
Hence I sweep them out immediately.

Hereafter, a teacher is solicited,
Who offers me luminous erudition,
The dark mind is to be illuminated
Hence, I decorate my heart with illumination.

Enthusiastically, I hint to my lover,
Who fills my heart with solar colours
And desires my colourful love for her
So I paint the hearts of mine and hers.

Sweeping, embellishing and painting the heart,
Reform and rejuvenate it to remove mud.
We ought to be the followers of good art
To enable the heart to love and be loved.

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