Poems and Poetry

Power Kernels | A Poem by David Russell

Break down the elements, split them
To non-existence;
Then shatter all solidity’s illusions,
Free impulses
Beyond the viscous mind, still feeling hard
By vanity’s gas upholstered.

And then, for happiness’s definition,
Shut the door;
Relax, and don’t be squeamish;
For every grit of teeth, a pull of trigger,
A sear, a cloud…

Then, if the bacillus, the charge
Breaks through even your filter-screen,
Then paper barrier that defines
Your victims and yourselves…

And you, amoebae, become specimens
Now that your brainchild ogres
Have outstepped the frames of will;

Oh super-brains! Limp, flapping squids;
Now that you’ve burst your cranial canisters,
Now that you’ve blundered on the combination
To open up the vault
Wherein you case your muffled
to soothing, doped oblivion;

Did you first conquer all remorse, all fear,
Destroy all that might have the power to save?

And will you now be laid low, by yourselves,
Even denied all retribution’s flames,
All instantaneous dignity?

Oh ones still solid, cynicism’s crust
Thickens and stifles, yet absorbs,
Driving life’s final spark to desperation;
No scope to flash
Without full-voiding all outside itself.

Oh loosen now your halters,
Clean growth, no fission-cancers,
Live now; be novae

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Formerly Close | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Up to this moment,
He had refused to
Believe that
His friend was really
Uttering the words
Coming out of his mouth,
That someone could
Believe what this
Person whom he had known
For so long holds dear,
That a human being could
Be so consumed with fear
And confusion that he
Would utter such filth,
The realization of
Severe miscalculation,
No longer knowing
Someone formerly close.

The Gatekeeper | A Poem by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

meeny miny
moed from glossy
black and white
single-sided brochures
at the check-in counter
he said he was just
the gatekeeper
his job was
to not let anything
get past him

he kept to the script
did I want to harm
myself or

he divvied out a month’s
refill of normality
he was the gatekeeper
his job was to
maintain status quo

it would take
referral to at least
a bi-fold brochure
to get anything
past him

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