Who Is to Blame? | A Poem by Dus Noisy

Well looking back at it now,
Circumstances crippling me to,
Make decisions,
Based on NATURAL impulses?
That cannot be correct.
Not today.
We’ve come a long way since those days.

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The Fetters | A Poem by Naduni

There was a woman
A lady
Young and delicate
Like the evening breeze
Her hair gently swayed
Keeping with her gait
She emanated
Chanel No 5
The Prada clutch bag
Ruby and elegant
Cuddled against
Her slender palm
She was unmarried
She said she couldn’t get married
Her class and caste
Are like fetters that confine her
She answered
When I asked about her marriage
What class? You are so classy!
I gasped.
She gently smiled and said
You can climb the social ladder and
Become classy, educated and elegant
But you can’t change your lineage
When it comes to marriage
They considered crucial
Where is equality
I wondered
Such a lady can’t marry
Because of a class she has long left and
A caste whose name she cannot remember

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End of Ends | A Poem by Dus Noisy

One comes in,
Another dissipates to,
Merely memory,
Life loves to give and,
To take.
You’ll never know,
What whirling winds,
And not one of us can,
Try to tell,
What’s dead ahead of us.
So just stick things out,
With me,
Just a little longer,
An appreciation of presence.
Under time’s tyranny,
Begot an “end”.
We long a life of,
Timeless treasures.
It all comes to an “end”.

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See you on Payday | A Poem by G.S. Katz

You don’t owe me anything
Likewise with you
No commitments
We come and we go
It’s better this way
Paying interest is a drag
See you on payday
I’ll pay for the room
You bring the vodka and caviar
Sound good?
I thought so
It’s great when we agree…

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Big Bet at an Old-Timers’ Card Game | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

The morning paper says
Debbie Reynolds is 82.

Sixty years ago, the little doll
married Eddie Fisher,

balladeer back in our time.
Remember, Eddie dumped Debbie

and married Liz Taylor who
put the oomph in technicolor.

Then Liz dumped Eddie
and married Michael Todd,

the aging movie mogul.
Todd died in a plane crash

and Fisher’s dead now, too.
So’s the beautiful Ms. Taylor.

Tell me this before you deal again:
When Debbie gets her obit

which of us, and I’ll take bets,
will be around to read it.

Visit Donal at  http://booksonblog12.blogspot.com.

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The So-called Aristocratic-Marxist Lady | A Poem by Naduni

You, the seemingly white dove
Who advocates egalitarianism
Who calls us ‘friends’
Are a capitalist to the core.
The deepest irony is embedded in the
Faux gold and pearls
On the fingers
That crave for women and ears
Deaf to the hushed murmurs of
The poor, the average, the rural and the ignorant
Spending a whole life on converting
Nonsmoking women
To smokers and heterosexual women
To homosexuals
Ruining married lives under the veil of
You laugh from you throne
Which to the infiltrator is a
Mere wooden chair
Gilt to deceive the gullible
The uneducated, the rural and
The innocent.
The luxury vehicles are appropriated
From others’ permits
Which you never deserved
The driver holds the door open for you
Who is obviously humiliated under my gaze
He doesn’t know I am from the same village
You drag your feeble feet
Too old to stand straight
After a lifetime of self-deceit
Deceit, falsity and a continuous struggle to
Become an elitist
The sign value and the exchange value of your
Beckon me to uncover a secret.
I know their secret
They merely laugh at your foolishness
‘Conspicuous consumption’
In other words.
Where will you end
Even you are unaware
This poem comes to an abrupt end
Symbolic of your own end

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Questions of Our Time | A Poem by G.S. Katz

As people we are comfortable with the
mayhem of war
But uncomfortable with sex, if not for procreation
Double standards abound to fit your alleged
religious, political or moral foundations

Sounds dubious to me
But I’m one of the hated
No religion, no political affiliation
Lover of sensual ways and attitudes

The world is a mess
Always will be
Won’t you lie down with me with desire
in your eyes
Hopefully for pleasure, not to make a new army
of haters…

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