Poems and Poetry

Small Backyard | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

It’s a small backyard
I’ve watched for years
from an upstairs window
while chained to a computer.
Whatever the weather

the old widow was always
planting in spring
watering in summer
raking in fall
shoveling in winter

but the yard’s quiet now
the only traffic
a resident squirrel
heading for the oak
over the tall grass
the widow’s heir
has stopped mowing.

She told her son
you don’t have to garden
but please mow the grass
rake the leaves and
shovel the snow
or I’ll shake you
at midnight
the rest of your life.

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Big Smile in the Sky | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Something’s still bright
when a widow dies
and her son flies in

gives her body to science
has the movers
pack all the valuables

he wants shipped home
gives the rest to Goodwill
puts the house up for sale

takes a late night flight
leaves nothing behind
to say who the lady was

except for her garden
brilliantly in bloom
with roses and lilies

and phlox all applauding
and the sun ear to ear
a big smile in the sky.

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Don’t Pander to the Masses | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Follow your own head and heart
not the opinions of judgemental others.
They’re not practicing what they preach
but merely trying to line you up for a fall.
When things are not all plain sailing
(Which to be fair is very seldom)
life seems to be a series of tangled,
bumpy, often dead-end roads.
Which we are all guessing and gambling
our frustrating ways along hoping
to avoid disaster, gain something positive
or at the very least find some peace of mind.
The ones casting stones in your direction
have already lost the game,
and are sneering bitterly from the side-lines
after proving themselves inadequate.
Misery doesn’t just love company
it also hates to witness anything around it
capable of any success or happiness.
Tightrope as swiftly as you can on past
and carry on upon your pilgriming way.

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Surprise | A Poem by Guy Farmer

If he had been told
That he’d be going there
To experience something
Horrible, it’s quite
Certain he wouldn’t have
Believed it, such things
Almost always materialize
As an undesirable and
Unforeseen surprise.
As he got ready for the
Event, all he could
Think about was her
Face and how much he
Was looking forward
To seeing her again.
He still remembers
That evening, with a
Mixture of sorrow and
Venom, sometimes
Hoping he will
Have the opportunity
To repay the favor.