It’s No Myth | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

“I always feel a more than human dread
over what names to use for the gods – it surpasses
the greatest fear. So now I address Aphrodite
by whatever title pleases her.”
–Socrates in Plato’s, Philebus.

Olympus is on fire!
The hot heart of Hephaestus
is hammered with grief –

as Aphrodite retires
to her perfumed palace

he labors below
with the lost
and the least.

Jagged with jealousy
as malice is forged
in his cavernous heart

which beats to the anvil
of iron clanging
and sparks

leap from his furrowed brow
like a furnace!

Misshapen is his fate –
not unlike the ridges
on his back,
for he seems doomed
to be a lover
of that
which he can never purchase
with kisses.

So with furious blows
of his hammer,
he forms fetters
strong enough to shackle
her titanic ambition.

And all scorned lovers
and gods can bear witness
to the hot heart of Hephaestus
that sets fire
to Olympus!

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Old Habits | A Poem by G.S. Katz

I’m locked into old habits
The world is spinning fast
Hopefully not off its axis
And I am embracing the past
Tried and true

Is it an aging thing
Or something else ?

Here’s my list:

I still buy books, need the physical touch

Still write checks, never giving that up

Listen to music on a portable CD player, mega bass

Wear vintage wind-up watches, no battery to replace

Been using the same bottle opener for 38 years

My land line phone is intact and working with clarity

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got the new stuff too, I’m as
electronic as anybody. And embrace the technology. But
traditions remain, time tested and true

Any questions?

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When It Rains with Thunder or When It Shines with Sun | A Poem by Naduni

When it rains with thunder,
Always remember
That there is a heart
Where you are irreplaceable.
When it rains with thunder
Be brave and sigh but remember
That that heart sends a silent prayer
To the thundering sky to be milder
When it rains with thunder
Or when it shines with sun
That heart remembers and misses you and in it
There’s no wonder

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Dreams Hurt Less than Reality | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

Dreams hurt less than reality
I let you walk away
Sad feelings I am
For the first time in my life
I’m completely lost
Not going forwards,
Not going backwards
I need a compass in my life
I’m stuck with this feeling
All feels so meaningless
Without you all is pointless
I have to forget all
Focus on what I want
I was not perfect then
I am not perfect now
But you love me for who I was
I can’t keep holding on this
I just have an injured heart
I wish I could run and hide
This thought is haunting my mind
Not having you around
Feeling avoided and ignored
Not finding any comfort
Life is empty without love
Dreams hurt less than reality

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My Lineage and Me | A Poem by Naduni

‘Oh! Please master, I beg you to stop…’
‘Not yet! Kneel down and hold your hands together behind you!’
‘Yes master’, I obeyed,
Then and there.
Throughout my life I obeyed you.
‘Do this, do that, not that idiot but THAT!’
Whenever you made an order,
I was at your hand and your foot
But never near your heart or soul
If you had them somewhere in you.
I am not the only one,
Thousands and thousands of
Queens, courtesans, prostitutes and geishas
Obeyed before me
We are one lineage, the kindred of women
What did my sisters expect, and what did I expect
From your lineage of
Kings, princes, knights and warriors?
Appreciation, gratitude, kindness, warmth
Understanding and… Love…
What did we all get?
Criticism, despise, debasement, violation
Objectification, discrimination, rape, deceit
Cheating, hurt, bondage
Oh! There is no end to this list
Is there?
So my EX-master
I want you to know
That I am leaving
Whether you like or not, whether your kindred approves or not
I am leaving since I don’t want the same fate
My sisters had before me…

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Ocean | A Poem by Nancy May

ripple on ripple
footprints in the sand
ebb in the ocean

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Broken | A Poem by Nancy May

broken branches
a cascade of blossom
fall in the breeze

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