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Stamping in Rain Puddles without You | A Poem by Paul Tristram

He can vividly remember so many
of the conversations
which took place
walking these three streets
over to the shops and back again.
Sometimes he would simply listen
intently or distractedly
to the house sparrow chatter
flying musically from her mouth
and punching pretty holes in the sky
around her smiling face.
But that was another time…
a ‘Yesterday’ now tangibly dissolved
into sigh-inducing memory.
Although when he closes his eyes
and quiets his yearning mind
for but a moment,
it feels almost as if he could
still reach out a trembling hand
and touch her warmth once more.
Yet, it is an action and gamble
far too great and important to take.
So instead, he settles for whistling
one of her many favourite songs,
as he opens the door
with a still beating heart built for two
but a shopping bag
carrying only enough vittles for one.

Visit Paul at https://paultristram.blogspot.co.uk/.

A Reasonable Man | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Fred’s a reasonable man
something he takes pride in.
Just the other night

before he threw a dish
against the wall while
talking with his wife

he told her if he knew
what was wrong with him
he’d see a professional.

Right now he’s too busy.
Two new patients tomorrow
coming in for therapy.

Visit Donal at http://eyeonlifemag.com/the-poetry-locksmith/donal-mahoney-poet.html#sthash.OSYzpgmQ.dpbs=.

The First 100 Days: Keeping Promises | A Poem by Stan Morrison

Unlimited return on investments
Unhampered access to markets
Unaccountable for quality or fraud
No recourse for consumers
No class action suits allowed
No environmental barriers
Investment Class is divine
No presidential tax returns
No lists of the WH visitors
Blind trust is what He expects from us
It’s always hard to hit a moving target
We know not what he owns or owes
Generous corporate board members
Serving on several boards at once
No chance for the consumers
There are no profits in ethics
The bottom lines are almighty
Bottomless spending at Trump Towers
At Mar-a-Lago and skiing trips to Aspen
Remember money is no object
With the Trumps as the subject

Martinet | A Poem by Ian Fletcher

Rolling into the classroom
on Monday morning
they ignore him
will not be silent
as he speaks
chat among themselves
about the weekend
this and that
cocooned in subcultures
he would not understand.
An anachronism
he cannot break through
to quell their energy
bend them to his will
force the curriculum
down their throats
teach them ‘respect’
nor can he corral them
down the narrow path
his life has taken.
He would beat them
if he could but
thwarted by laws
he would repeal
can only shout.
“Shut up! Listen!”
he bawls getting
momentary attention.
“Why?” one of them
simply responds.
He has no reply.

Lockout | A Poem by J.K. Durick

The blinds are closed, the doors locked, blocked,
lights are out, they huddle in the corner, for once
literally hiding in the classroom, they talk quietly,

get their phones out, text their parents, their friends,
each other, post to Facebook; there’s nothing new
about it, they’ve planned for it, practiced this, but

this time it could be serious – this is not a drill.
From across the street, from his angle, TV news
gets it all, the deserted feel of it, a few police cars

around, some movement now and again; it’s spring,
it’s quiet where there should be voices and noise,
a few sneaking around the way students their age do,

but now it’s silent, like Rachel Carson’s silent spring,
pesticide poisons our place, our air with this, we have
taught them to hide and wait quietly for the all clear bell,

the end of school and what they learned about today.