My Lineage and Me | A Poem by Naduni

‘Oh! Please master, I beg you to stop…’
‘Not yet! Kneel down and hold your hands together behind you!’
‘Yes master’, I obeyed,
Then and there.
Throughout my life I obeyed you.
‘Do this, do that, not that idiot but THAT!’
Whenever you made an order,
I was at your hand and your foot
But never near your heart or soul
If you had them somewhere in you.
I am not the only one,
Thousands and thousands of
Queens, courtesans, prostitutes and geishas
Obeyed before me
We are one lineage, the kindred of women
What did my sisters expect, and what did I expect
From your lineage of
Kings, princes, knights and warriors?
Appreciation, gratitude, kindness, warmth
Understanding and… Love…
What did we all get?
Criticism, despise, debasement, violation
Objectification, discrimination, rape, deceit
Cheating, hurt, bondage
Oh! There is no end to this list
Is there?
So my EX-master
I want you to know
That I am leaving
Whether you like or not, whether your kindred approves or not
I am leaving since I don’t want the same fate
My sisters had before me…

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Ocean | A Poem by Nancy May

ripple on ripple
footprints in the sand
ebb in the ocean

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Broken | A Poem by Nancy May

broken branches
a cascade of blossom
fall in the breeze

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Harvest | A Poem by Nancy May

harvest moon
seaweed on the shore
cliffs fall in the sea

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Going In | A Poem by Marlena Nicole Guzman

That little room in the corner,
That little room where they hold your hand but move so quickly,
every time I enter a flush of fear runs into what I know is coming,
It’s fast,
I cannot complain about their brevity,
they’re good and practiced but now it is my turn again,
again and again,
in and then done!
I always wake with the dizzy confusion but standing comfort that for
today…it is done,
what had brought me to this?
Electric shock for my mind but devastating trauma to my soul,
Until tomorrow then

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Extra Effort | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Unending flow of information –
Neurons firing chaotically,
Entertainment blather,
The superficial supersedes.

Like the easy stuff,
Eschew deeper meaning
Requiring extra effort –
Critical thinking,

The odd child,
It languishes alone,
Brushed aside, unstudied,
Ignored, but no less
Important, valuable.

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Wave of Perfume | A Poem by G.S. Katz

My dog is sniffing pee from a male dog
Left on the side of a tree on my street
Patiently I wait for for the activity to conclude
When she walks by leaving behind a trail of perfume

It doesn’t matter who she is
Though urban history tells me
The lovelier the scent, the prettier the wearer
Though some might challenge that theory in part

Wordy as this has been in my first two stanzas
Nothing pleases a man more than a wave of perfume
In the early morning of a crisp autumn day
Scented air gives this dog all the promise and wonder
of the journey ahead

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