Poems and Poetry

Fragile | A Poem by Daipayan Nair

Choose to perish
when I love you the most.

Other moments won’t be
quite favorable

and all moments aren’t ‘moments’
for humans
who know how to hate.

I will either forget your death
or remember it
to the extent of isolation.

I will cage you in glass
and claim, I have preserved you.

You will smile
the most handsome smile,

even more than the one
when you were alive.

How can I let live

and how can you expect
to prolong your stay

when you had me make you

so fragile.

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A Lady but Not a Gentleman | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Deep into a warm winter
the Japanese red maple keeps
her crown of brilliant leaves

as if to prove to the evergreens
especially that big blue spruce
he’s not the only one

who can handle winter well.
But then the rains come,
days of pounding torrents,

and the maple drops her locks
except for the last three curls.
The blue spruce is unshaken.

He stands taller and glistens.
He looks as if he’s smiling
in the pouring rain.

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Response | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

I called you from
Where I was sure
You could listen to me
To tell me if
You would grant me
My desire about the colour
And character of which
You are aware even now
Though it is a different matter
That you have made up your mind
To leave me to my lot
And to my efforts to secure for me
My rescue and relief
Since like always
Even this time
My succour you’re aware
Shall brand your help
As redundant and clueless.