Poems and Poetry

Lost Word | A Poem by JD DeHart

I lost a word
again today, mid-sentence
My meaning hung in still
air between reason
and just plain ignorance
My tongue searched
the roof of my mouth but
no noun could be found
the back of my molar
but no verb was hiding
My eyes flitted but no
adjectives returned my gaze
So I simply changed
the subject like veering
into another verbal lane.

Agnostic’s Prayer | A Poem by Stan Morrison

We gather together to ask the lord’s blessing
stop those who are ordained from undressing
before women and children without confessing
no savior’s ever gonna butt in
angels are drinkin’ tonic and gin
Sister Theresa’s gonna elope
Father O’Connor’s word of honor
a chance to fornicate they hope
before bed check, make our break
ending celibacy’s what’s at stake
religions trump common sense
and underwrite rabid causes
name the enemy, pass judgment
mete out punishments define honor
build chasms between dogma and understanding
operate with slogans and retaliation
closing many doors and many coffins

The Worrier | A Poem by Ian Fletcher

Stress has been his constant companion
lodestar of his neurotic universe
spanning his life from beginning to end
a rope bridge across a shark-filled ocean.
How he would sweat over school exams
then worry about his college degree
while fretting over his chosen career
and if ever he’d get that first promotion.
A steady girlfriend brought him no respite
only the fear she might not be Miss Right
marriage unleashing a new set of woes
with the bills and the thirty year mortgage
and whether they could afford two kids.
But even retirement gives him no joy
being as stressed as when he was a boy
his golden years yielding fresh anxieties
about his wealth lasting and his health.

Alas it is I trapped in this fraught world
and in this moment of contemplation
I ask myself what salvation there is
for such a man as me yet must conclude
my worries on this earth will never cease
and that death may be my only release