Poems and Poetry

Lone Star Reflection | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

You know what I miss
About the Lone Star state?
The Tex-Mex food —
The chicken fried steaks.

The white cream gravy
To blanket your biscuits —
And ice cold beer
With Bar-B-Q brisket.

But the weather and religion
Can be so hard to bear.
Still Texans are always saying:
“Ya’ll come back now, you hear?”

And I do not miss the roaches,
The mosquitoes — all those bugs!
Bigger isn’t always better —
In terms of insects, faith or floods.

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Wedding Anniversary | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

Some say “familiarity breeds contempt.”
But it can also feed forbearance
And a certain kind of kindness.
What was epiphany becomes assurance,
And even a blessed bond of blindness.
The sharp edges blur as the days all rush,
Run and whir into weeks and months and years.
Where did they all go? We wonder,
Living in the linear. Our love grown
Fat in the soft circles of forgiveness…
While time is getting skinnier.

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A World Too Dark Too Often | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Julie owns a cat that roams.
Recently he’s been stopping at
Jack and Brenda’s house where
Brenda’s mourning her cat’s death.
Brenda cries except when Julie’s cat
comes around. Tuffy is his name

When Tuffy visits Brenda’s house
he never wants to leave.
He thinks he’s gone to heaven.
He gets tuna, milk and a
forever petting that turns his
purring up full throttle.
Brenda loves to hear it.

Jack finally tells Julie her cat’s
bonded with his wife and
he doesn’t know what to do.
He takes Tuffy home and the cat
comes back again the next day.
But Julie isn’t disturbed at all.
She visits Brenda and tells her
Tuffy’s your cat from now on,

a gift from one heart to another.
Brenda weeps with joy and starts
petting Tuffy who drools and purrs
like a train coming out of a tunnel.
Jack’s amazed to see the light
one act of kindness can shine
on a world too dark too often.

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Cursor | A Poem by J. K. Durick

The cursor signals, winks on and off, uses a code
I have yet to master. Sometimes it seems amused,
Pleased with itself over an inside joke I don’t get.

Other times, it becomes a warning, desperate for
My attention, as if the page were a flooded road
Much too dangerous to wade in or drive through,

Sinkholes waiting, hidden, ready to drown me
In paperwork and complex incomplete thoughts,
And sometimes, every once in a while, it greets,

Like an old friend might, or a fan cheering me on
As I finish a full marathon, barefoot in this rain.
The cursor signals out, like a coast watcher in war,

Like a frantic radioman as his Titanic goes down,
Like a traffic light and a really bad intersection,
The corner of my life and all these blank pages.

It winks off and on as if it were counting down
From some set number, a bit out of rhythm,
Like a poorly tuned heartbeat, a pulse beat

To check on and hope for, like an anxious medic
Triaging on a blank battlefield, a reassuring beat
Playing on, restlessly wanting me to respond.

Poet’s Contemplation | A Poem by G.S. Katz

We feel too damn much
Rather than going too far inside
or drinking to oblivion
We write

The writing saved me
Opened up new worlds
Gave me a voice that lay hidden
Helped me reach across the aisle to touch

Sometimes we write the same thing to death
Other times we nail it spot on
Often we are searching for the perfect verse
It’s a long game, out on the wing, penning…