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At Least Now I Can Say Goodbye | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Someday you’ll be in bed dying
like I am now and people you love
and some you don’t will come by

to say good-bye. They don’t know
what to say because we’re all amateurs
at dying, no experience required.

All I know is that I’ll be leaving
any day now and my visitors know
some day they’ll be leaving too

but unlike me they don’t know when.
Not knowing when would scare me more.
At least now I can say goodbye.

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Me, Them | A Poem by Ananya S. Guha

This morning as an afterthought
I bit the tears
Out of ancient rocks and hills
To make them mine
And when they left
I heaved a sigh that they
Did not linger
And make me, them
Their woes
Their bleeding
Me them
Their battles
Their ephemeral happiness
Their warriors
Their gladiators
Their brown-faced gnomes
Their scatter of feet
Their protean lust
Their minerals, their granite.
Their sullied mines
Me, them.

And Go for a Birdsong Ride | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Spring will eventually arrive,
Tom tells his youngest daughter
looking out the window at the snow.

Take heart, he tells her,
and listen for the blue jays when
they build a nest in the sycamore

and chase away the other birds
that fly unwelcome into the tree
hoping also to start a family.

He tells his snowbound daughter
once she hears the blue jays’ ruckus
spring will be here and she can wear

her jeans and pretty yellow jacket,
get on her tricycle with the other girls
and go for a birdsong ride.

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Planning My Life | A Poem by Naduni

Sitting on a lonely chair
On a serene afternoon
When the moon is unusually there
Already in the sky
I naturally wondered who am I
What was I doing there?
Looking at an early moon
Offset in a bright sky

I saw myself through others
From their views and criticisms
And yearned to make them see
That it is not as bad as one may see
Then I naturally wondered who I am
Whether I really exist
Why should I plan my future ahead?
When I don’t even really exist

What a foolish thing this life is
We plan a journey we can’t foresee
We take for granted so many things
And wonder where we went wrong
When we fail to make that journey

I withdrew from reading and had a short rest
After all, book learning can’t do much
As you can’t commit suicide
When you know life much
I went back to reading
For you see
I cannot face life and leave my false dream